How To Install Anchors on Pontoon Boats

Installing an anchor on a Pontoon boat may seem simple in theory, but in practice, it can actually prove somewhat challenging. If you are new to Pontoon boats, and lack the experience needed to quickly install an anchor, then you may benefit from the simple guide outlined below. The following advice was curated in the interest of facilitating the process for you, and making anchoring a much simpler task for you to carry out,  particularly as you look to enjoy your time out on the water without any stress or worries.


How to start anchoring

The first step to installing your anchor is to determine how long, exactly, the length of your anchor should be. The U.S national coastguard, for instance, recommends that ropes be five to seven times the depth of the water in length—although many experienced Pontoon owners will opt for slightly shorter anchors depending on the strengths of the currents. If you are new to Pontoon boating, however, we recommend that you follow the advice of the experts and opt for a longer length.

In terms of location, you should ideally drop the anchor from the middle of the bow of your Pontoon. This area will provide the least resistance from wind, and currents in the water, making it the most stable location for you to anchor from. When ‘dropping’ your anchor you should, ideally, not throw it—as this makes the rope more likely to tangle and increases the risk of damage. You should, instead, gently lower the anchor into the water and allow it to settle naturally. While less impressive, the strategy is by far the most safe in terms of throwing.

To fully secure your anchor, you need to first secure the rope. In order to do this, you should wrap it a number of times onto the cleat, and stop when you feel the resistance of the anchor digging in. You should then reverse your Pontoon (idly) to further secure the anchor, and stop only when the boat feels somewhat moored.



Overall, while this process seems daunting, it’s simply one that requires practice. Choosing the right anchor; the right length of rope and the right accessories is also critical to ensuring a successful anchoring—but in general, having experience will prove most effective.

As with most issues concerning boats, practice always makes perfect. Therefore, don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts at docking the boat prove unsuccessful, and simply try again. Ultimately, anchoring your boat will become second nature, and you will be able to do so with ease and confidence.

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