Pontoon Boat vs. Fishing Boat

Buying a boat is no easy task, particularly if you’re interested in using the boat for fishing, and therefore have certain requirements that need to be met before you can make a firm decision.

While fishing boats are designed specifically for fishing, Pontoon boats are also a viable option, that will allow you to fish while providing ample space for your family to enjoy their time at sea. If you find yourself having to decide between a Pontoon boat and a fishing boat, then you may be wondering what, exactly, the distinctions between them are—and which one fares better overall. By the way, the Pontoon boats we are referring are not the inflatable types. If you are looking for those, check out our article on the best inflatable pontoon boats.



Pontoon boats are typically much larger than fishing boats, and a great option for those looking to entertain larger groups while at sea. This is most relevant if you plan to use your boat for more than just fishing, as a pontoon boat is recommended over a fishing boat in this circumstance—purely because fishing boats offer less space to entertain and can feel cramped when used by a larger group of people.



In terms of speed, however, fishing boats are considerably faster than pontoon boats—making them an excellent option for those looking to fish above all else. The agility and mobility of fishing boats means that they are able to accelerate much faster than pontoon boats, and reach or leave areas densely populate by fish more quickly. Fishing boats are also, in general, much better equipped to handle rough conditions than Pontoon boats. Those using a Pontoon to fish in harsher climates may find that water seeps onto the deck, and can interfere with wiring aboard the boat. This can prove problematic in the longterm, although if you plan to use it in tame environments, it shouldn’t be an issue.



In terms of pleasure, Pontoon boats fare better than fishing boats. They offer a large, comfortable decking for you and your family to sprawl out on—as well as a comfortable platform for you to fish from. If you’re interested in creating a fun, carefree environment, then Pontoon boats are certainly the better option. What’s more, while they don’t fare as well as fishing boats in harsh conditions, they do offer more stability when caught in a storm—thanks to their large, stabilizing surface area.



Overall, the decision depends on the conditions in which you plan to fish. However, from an objective perspective, Pontoon boats offer more freedom and entertainment than fishing boats: making them a more versatile option for you to explore. While fishing boats are great at fulfilling their function, they don’t offer much else, making them a very niche option—best suited to those looking to fish and fish alone. Pontoons, on the other hand, offer so much more than just the option to fish, making them a worthy investment for you to seriously consider.

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