Welcome to BoatingFocused.com, where we think the perfect Saturday is spent out on the lake cruising around in the old pontoon boat. But make no mistake, our love of boating isn’t restricted to just pontoons – we also enjoy kayaks, canoes, inflatable boats, and taking out the old bass boat.

As expected, we’re also anglers because what else is there to do out there on the boat, right? Right! We don’t ever fish in tournaments or anything like that, but we’ve been known to pull in some pretty big bass from time to time.

Here at Boating Focused, we share our love of boating and fishing with readers like you. We are by no means experts, but more of hobbyists who are just really passionate about hitting the lake or river for a lazy afternoon.

If you’re of the same mind, then welcome, friend! We hope that you enjoy what we share here, and feel free to comment at any time with tips of your own!