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Pontoon Boat vs. Fishing Boat

Buying a boat is no easy task, particularly if you’re interested in using the boat for fishing, and therefore have certain requirements that need to be met before you can make a firm decision. While fishing boats are designed specifically for fishing, Pontoon boats are also a viable option, that will allow you to fish […]

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Buying Guide: Your First Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats are getting more popular as the designs and capabilities have improved in recent years. Today they offer an attractive appearance and a smooth ride. When thinking about getting a pontoon boat, it is important to understand the styles available and have a good idea of how you will be using it. If you […]

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Pontoon Boat vs. Deck Boat

Pontoon boats and deck boats were built for essentially the same purpose – to provide a place for a group of people to hang out on the water.  The differences between the two are not that great, and some say the differences are fading away. In deciding which one, the questions to answer are what […]

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How To Drive A Pontoon Boat Like An Expert

If you’re looking to have a good time on the water, nothing beats getting a pontoon boat and taking it out. They are quite different boats from regular boats, but their sensitivity to wind can be used for good if you learn how to operate them effectively. In many ways, the principles of driving a […]

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Tips For Buying A Used Pontoon Boat

Purchasing your first pontoon boat is an exciting time and making the decision to buy used can be a smart one if you take the time to do a bit of research as well as gain knowledge of what to inspect prior to purchase. Before shopping begins, determine the budget that you want to stay […]

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