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Pontoon Boat Fishing Techniques and Tips

As the owner of a small Pontoon boat, you may be a little wary about fishing from a boat that, even when small, is still remarkably large in comparison to the average fishing boat. If this is the case, then fear not, because there are many tips and techniques for you to learn from—in the […]

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5 Tips For Docking A Pontoon Boat In The Wind

Docking a Pontoon boat in the wind can prove a challenging task, particularly if you consider the size and weight of the average Pontoon. However, if you live in a windy area, you shouldn’t be discouraged from taking your Pontoon out on the waters—even if the gusts seem likely to make docking more difficult. Likewise, […]

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Pontoon Carpet Replacement: Guide and Tips

Pontoon boats are often carpeted, which gives them a look of comfort and sophistication, making them all the more enjoyable to spend time in. However, due to the damp and salty environment they are exposed to, many carpets begin to show signs of wear over the years even if you used pontoon carpet cleaners—and pontoon […]

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Marine Stereo: No Sound – Issues and Solutions

There are few things more frustrating than purchasing your pontoon boat, installing a host of accessories designed to entertain your guests, organizing a get-together and then realizing that the boat speakers are emitting no sound. If you’ve found yourself in this position at some point, or are currently struggling with this situation, then rest assured […]

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Boat Carpet Cleaner: Tips and Reviews

Boats with carpeting possess an added element of luxury, and are an excellent place to hold upscale events, or to relax in style. However, pontoons with carpets also pose logistical problems, particularly where cleaning is concerned. Salt and dirt from water can become lodged in carpet fibers, whereas repeated exposure to humidity can lead to […]

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