Pontoon Boat Fishing Techniques and Tips

As the owner of a small Pontoon boat, you may be a little wary about fishing from a boat that, even when small, is still remarkably large in comparison to the average fishing boat. If this is the case, then fear not, because there are many tips and techniques for you to learn from—in the interest of you not only becoming comfortable with your Pontoon, but in you learning to benefit from your Pontoon’s size and design.

It’s important to note that the following tips were researched in the interest of assisting you in your fishing excursion. However, if you have never fished before in any capacity, then we encourage you to learn the basics before attempting to fish from your Pontoon—as this will give you the foundations needed to acquire a successful catch.


Tip #1: Use Multiple Anchors

Due to the sheer size of a Pontoon, if you choose to fish on a day with even a slight wind in the air, then you are likely to struggle with keeping your boat level using just one anchor. For this reason, we recommend that you use a minimum of two pontoon anchors when fishing, in the interest of keeping the boat firmly in place. This is something you will learn through experience, however, which means you should ideally test it out on a blustery day in the interest of understanding just how many anchors you need to sit comfortably.


Tip #2: Protect Your Seats

Ideally, if you have chosen to use your Pontoon boat for fishing on a regular basis, then you previously choose to buy a Pontoon with PVC or vinyl seats—as these are easy to clean and do not stain easily.

For those who are likely to fish with a Pontoon that features cloth chairs, however, a set of covers will prove necessary. You should take special precautions to cover the chairs, and ensure that if you are gutting a fish—that you do so on towels or on a protective tarp, so as to prevent staining or any damage.


Tip #3: Bring Extra Storage

Fishing boats are designed for fishing, and catch can therefore be laid out on the deck without much cause for concern on conventional vessels, as this is their purpose. However, on Pontoons, there is a certain element of luxury that you will want to maintain—and for this reason, you should bring a box to store your catch in. Ideally, you should bring a cooler, as this will give you a place to store your fish as you continue to sail throughout the day. You should also have pontoon fish rod holders as part of finding more storage space.


Tip #4: Be Wary Of Stream Fishing

Stream fishing is fun and exciting, although if you choose to stream fish in a Pontoon, you should take a number of factors into consideration— as Pontoons vary considerably from other, smaller fishing boats.

Firstly, Pontoons are much harder to navigate upstream than a kayak or similarly small vessel. For this reason, ensure you are prepared to commit to downstream fishing, as you will rarely have the option to turn back.
Secondly, Pontoons should ideally drift for about 5 miles. Ensure that you are keeping an eye on the time, and that you do not allow your Pontoon to deflate during your floating if it is an inflatable boat, as this may lead to you drifting a night—something we strongly discourage, as this is both dangerous and difficult.


Tip #5: Lower Your Bimini Top

Before setting sail and beginning your fishing, ensure that you lower your Bimini or sunroof top if possible. This will allow for easy casting, and prevent your rod from getting stuck. While this seems like a vary obvious tip, many fishers are not used to casting in enclosed areas and forget to do this entirely, which can damage the equipment and cause delays.


Pontoon Fishing Techniques: In Conclusion

The above tips were compiled in the interest of making fishing a little easier for you when out on your Pontoon. However, if you are looking for ways to make fishing more fun, then your Pontoon is certainly going to take care of that for you. By its very nature, the Pontoon boat offers more space and more comfort for those aboard than most other personal boats, which makes it an excellent option to use while on fishing excursions—as it’s a comfortable vessel to spend extended periods of time on.

When fishing on your Pontoon, you should pay special attention to your surroundings, both to ensure that you are’t damaging your equipment and to guarantee that you aren’t damaging your boat. Because the Pontoon’s primary function is not to act as a fishing boat, it may lack some of the functionality you would ideally want. You can, of course, upgrade your Pontoon and make it more fishing-friendly—but if you are just starting out, you should be wary of the fact that this is a boat designed for relaxation and it may therefore not fulfill all your needs. In time, however, you will learn and understand what is that you need to comfortably fish from your pontoon.

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