Inflatable Pontoon Trailer: Which is the Best?

Pontoon boats are a fun and easy way for you and your family to enjoy the open waters. If you are an avid traveler, and enjoy exploring different lakes and seas, then you may also opt for an inflatable pontoon—as this gives you more flexibility in terms of mobility and transportation.

As previously discussed, those who buy inflatable pontoons often wish to travel with them, and may therefore require a trailer. Buying a high quality pontoon trailer is critical to ensuring that your boat is transported as safely and as as efficiently as possible, which makes buying an inflatable pontoon trailer a more difficult task, as there are more qualities to take into consideration than your average boat accessory. For this reason, we have created a brief sales guide to finding the best trailer for pontoons, in the interest of providing you with a range of reliable products, that will ensure that your boat arrives at its destination safely and securely.

Our sales guide looks at a number of high quality products for you to consider, both as options to purchase and as a standard of quality that you should look to match. We also provide a basic criteria we feel you should follow in your search, in the interest of helping you find an option that is high in quality and practical for you to use.


Inflatable Pontoon Trailer Reviews:

The following products were selected on the basis of their high quality and guaranteed functionality. We have reviewed them, drawing attention to the pros and cons of each product, and weighing up whether the benefits outshine the drawbacks—which we feel is the case with each of the three products.

You may choose to view these products as suggestions for you to consider, or as products for you to compare your own choices to. We recommend that when buying any expensive gear, particularly for your pontoon boat, you use our practice of listing the pros and cons of it to help you decide. This is an excellent way to truly evaluate the qualities of your chosen product, and a great way for you to approach the decision making process more analytically.


Yakima Rack and Roll Trailer Review

This pontoon trailer by Yakima features 66-inch crossbars, locking levers for added theft protection and a capacity of up to 250lbs. It’s an excellent choice for those who like to travel at higher speeds, as the trailer can be pulled at most highway speeds.

What We Love:

  • This trailer is compact enough to be stored without taking up too much room, making it a highly practical option.
  • The assembly of the Yakima rack is reportedly easy and stress free, giving you the freedom to buy it for yourself or a friend without concern for hiring a professional handyman.
  • The company has a great level of customer service, and replaces any parts lost or damaged in delivery without question.

What We Don’t Love:

  • The Yakima trailer is, according to some customers, poorly packaged and this creates delays as replacement parts must be shipped out after receipt.
  • After long trips, the trailer tongue has the tendency to weaken and bend, which may lead to the need for a replacement.


Malone XTRALIGHT Base Trailer Review

This trailer, made by Malone, was specifically designed to transport boats and therefore features all the heavy-duty components you would expect from a product of this nature. It features a galvanized steel frame, with 58-inch steel coated cross bars and an array of safety measures.

What We Love:

  • This is incredibly easy and fun to assemble, and the support given to customers by the company to assist with building it is remarkable.
  • The trailer is delivered in multiple, secured packages which means it is well protected during delivery and typically arrives  in one solid piece.
  • It is sturdy and durable, making it an excellent long term investment.

What We Don’t Love:

  • It’s hard to fault this trailer, and overall, it presents itself as a very viable option for you to consider or as a realistic measure of comparison.


Ironton Personal Watercraft and Boat Trailer Kit Review

This roomy trailer by Ironton provides ample space in its bed, and showcases remarkably sturdy construction.  It’s an excellent choice for those looking to purchase a durable product that will last well into the future, and survive the general wear and tear that comes with the territory of trailing a pontoon.

What We Love:

  • The Ironton comes equipped with lights and fenders, making it a very comprehensive product for you to consider.
  • This trailer features a white powder coating to increase strength and durability.
  • It comes with comprehensive instructions for assembly.

What We Don’t Love:

  • While it comes with clear instructions, the Irnoton trailer does require time and patience to assemble.
  • This product is not packaged particularly well, leaving it prone to damage during delivery, which can waste time.


Buying Guide: A List Of Criteria To Look For

When buying any product, you should set out on your search with a list of criteria to refer to, as this will allow you to choose an item that fits your personal specification exactly. Below, we have outlined the criteria we feel you should compare your chosen product to, although this may vary slightly depending on your needs—and you should therefore devise your own criteria as necessary.


When shopping for your pontoon trailer, you should ensure that the length of the bars and the size of the bed meet your requirements. Choosing the correct size is essential to ensuring that you are able to trail your pontoon without damage.



When shopping for your pontoon you should first assess the components you require and then check whether your chosen product reflect this. Some needed components could include lights, plate holders and fenders—although many trailers provide other essential items alongside the main product as well.


High Quality Construction

You should ensure that your chosen pontoon trailer meets your criteria for quality. This means reading reviews and checking that the constructions meets your expectations, by using durable materials for example, or by featuring coatings and protective add-ons that safeguard your trailer and increase its longevity. This will ensure that you are getting the best value for money.



While price may seem like an obvious quality to consider, it’s critical that you set out with a budget in mind that reflects your research, as this will help you spot a product that is overpriced or one that is far too low to be good quality.


Pontoon Trailers: In Conclusion

When shopping for your pontoon trailer, you should ensure that quality remains at the forefront of your mind, and that you are making a decision that is both informed and considered. Pontoons are expensive vessels, that also hold sentimental value for many owners, which means that you will want to choose the highest quality trailer—so as to safeguard your boat during transport and to ensure that no damage is caused on freeways or on poorly paved roads.

If you are not particularly handy, or you don’t have the time to assemble a trailer, then you should take this into consideration when shopping—as you will want to opt for either a preassembled product or a very easy-to-assemble option designed for customers looking for convenience. Regardless of your specific needs, you should ensure that the basic requirements listed above are met, before you begin researching into whether your chosen product has any additional benefits that increase its appeal.

The products listed above are excellent means for comparison, and a great way for you to understand whether your chosen product meets the industry standard that we, as experts, like to follow. However, we encourage you to also view our reviewed products as genuine options for you to consider, as we hand selected them after meticulous research and the analysis of many reviews—which makes them informed decisions that we have essentially made on your behalf.

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